Friday, December 5, 2008

Calibrating (Adjusting) Acer X183H LCD Monitor

You can download Acer X183H driver for monitor from HERE but first read below.
First of all you need latest graphic card driver and your system must support 1366x768 resolution ( START / Control Panel / Display / Settings / and there change resolution to 1366x768 ) . Normally it will auto adjust when you turn on computer but if some letters are not clear press MENU button on your monitor ,move to second icon (it looks like sheet of paper with text) and choose CLOCK . It doesn't make much sense but that will actually focus picture on your screen and not FOCUS option as one would think ,and you probably don't need new driver. Same way of calibrating probably works for all other acer monitors. Below are download links for other acer monitor drivers if you still think that you need one.
-X series-----------------------------------Other series
Acer X153W driver--------------------Acer G195HQ driver
Acer X221W driver--------------------Acer G205H driver
Acer X163W driver--------------------Acer G24 driver
Acer X163H driver--------------------Acer G243HQ driver
Acer X171 driver----------------------Acer G245H driver
Acer X173 driver----------------------Acer G245HQ driver
Acer X222W driver--------------------Acer GD245HQ driver
Acer X173W driver--------------------GD245HQ nVidia 3D graphic
Acer X191 driver-----------------------Acer D240H driver
Acer X192W driver--------------------Acer H203H driver
Acer X193HQ driver-------------------Acer H213H driver
Acer X193HQL driver-----------------Acer H233H driver
Acer X193W driver--------------------Acer H235H driver
Acer X201 driver----------------------Acer H243H driver
Acer X223HQ driver-------------------Acer H243HX driver
Acer X241W driver
Acer X202W driver
Acer X203H driver
Acer X223W driver
Acer X203W driver
Acer X213W driver
Acer X233H driver
Acer X243HQ driver
Acer X243W driver
Acer X263W driver
Acer X213H driver

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